Mouth spray composed of ingredients of natural origin. Promotes good oral hygiene. In travel format meeting safety standards.
The FRESCORYL spray purifies and freshens breath durably.


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Le Fil dentaire FRESCORYL Nature

FRESCORYL Nature Dental Floss is an ideal supplement to toothpaste tablets for nomadic oral hygiene. It must be taken daily, to remove the dental plaque at the inter-proximal level (the area between two teeth). Indeed, the toothbrush can not clean this area, which will be exposed to pathologies: caries, gingivitis and periodontitis.FRESCORYL Nature Dental...


TOOTHPASTE TO CROW Toothpaste tablet composed of ingredients of natural origin. Contains no fluorine, preservatives or paraben. Allows you to perform oral hygiene care without water or brush, anywhere and anytime. FRESCORYL is the toothpaste of the lunch break

La poudre dentifrice Frescoryl Nature

Frescoryl Nature Toothpaste is made from more than 90% natural ingredients. Its high concentration of active ingredients gives it a strong cleaning power of enamel (stains, plaque ...). It reveals the whiteness of the teeth and brings a gentle care healing and regenerating. The 5 actions of Frescoryl Nature: 1. Fight against dental plaque, stains and...


In the most "natural", isolated or even extreme situations (camping, hiking, trekking ...), a personal hygiene remains necessary or indispensable. Frescoryl Sport has selected in this hygiene kit, lightweight and pocket size, a list of travel-size products both practical and essential, because meeting basic needs. Kit containing: 10 toothpaste tablets...

Les boissons Sport

Intense sports activities, especially of long duration, give rise to a risk of dehydration due to perspiration (during an effort, the body can lose more than 1.5 liters of water per hour, so the body dehydrated). It is important to compensate with the drink the loss of water and minerals to avoid the decline in performance. The Frescoryl Sport Effort...

Le comprimé dentifrice Frescoryl Nature

The Frescoryl Nature toothpaste tablet, in individual format (flowpack packaging) allows a sale in boxes of 150 units. Light and very practical, the toothpaste tablet is the solution to the need for oral hygiene at any time and far from any water point. Frescoryl Nature tablet toothpaste is a pharmaceutical innovation composed of more than 90% natural...

Frescoryl Pocket

The cleaning wipe and the toothpaste tablet contained in the POCKET give you the guarantee cleanness and freshness express mouth contour clean, white teeth and fresh breath) essential after any meal or snack break. It is presented in a small plastic bag containing 5 units. Each pocket contains: 1 body wipe (packaged in unit) 1 toothpaste tablet (packaged...


The moment of the lunch is always a delicate period when it is necessary to follow then with its activities of the daily newspaper. That's why we chose in this kit dedicated to the lunch break two essential products for a good hygiene freshness: The cleaning wipe (packaged in individual case) allows an efficient and quick wash of hands and face, without...

Le Kit Oral Care Frescoryl Nature

The Frescoryl Nature Oral Care Kit includes a toothbrush and whitening tooth powder, oral spray and dental floss, as well as a pack of 10 toothpaste tablets that can be used without water or brush.A dental kit for travel, to take with you everywhere