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Take care of your nails when removing make-up• Its formula contains sweet almond extract and moisturizing active agents, with which the solvent removes the nails with great smoothness.• It is effective and ultra-fast. Eliminates nail polish perfectly and in record time


PURIFYING AND HYDRATANT MASKAlgue noire & Acide Hyaluronique & LHA. An efficient pump for the piles to visible pores.LE MASQUE TISSU CHARBON contient du charbon végétal, ingredient utilisé dans les plus vieux remédées de beauté traditionnels et connu pour ses propriétés absorbantes et purifiantes

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Toute petite : envolée de pétales

"The little girl is the heroine of a fairy tale in pastel colors. His perfume was a sweet cotton-plant, as sweet as a flight of petals of lily of the valley and freesia. A comfortable and softflower freshness coated with wood and vaporous white musks .. »alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, enriched with panthenol

Love Generation Leopard

Extravagant and sure of herself ... she follows her feline instinct, dares and creates her own style, a bit strange but so fashionable! Unique, unusual and very elegant, choose your perfume without hesitation. Generation leopard love is like fashion, audacious, insolent and sensual. A floral woody fragrance, with notes of bergamot, green tea, rose and...

Le bébé Jacadi Paris

"A fresh cologne and delicate notes of orange blossom softened by a delicate scent of music, sandalwood and sesame in a delicious skin. A moment of tenderness that favors the awakening of the senses. "alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, enriched with panthenol

Absolues de Roses de Bien-être

When the most beautiful roses (Centifolia and Damascena) are associated with the traditional citrus notes that characterize the Colognes, the result is subtle and harmonious, round and blooming, exclusively feminine (this Cologne can not be borrowed by your other half!) And the trail more tenacious