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La poudre dentifrice Frescoryl Nature

Frescoryl Nature Toothpaste is made from more than 90% natural ingredients. Its high concentration of active ingredients gives it a strong cleaning power of enamel (stains, plaque ...). It reveals the whiteness of the teeth and brings a gentle care healing and regenerating. The 5 actions of Frescoryl Nature: 1. Fight against dental plaque, stains and...

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Amore Mio I love you

This love potion that mixes a subtle sweetness of peony and pear throat ... Some musk and tonka bean keys carefully measured to release their magical power ...

Tout petit : croquer la vie à pleines dents

"The delicious perfume of an apple-green, acidulous and juicy apple, first sketched at full blast. Orange and lemon add a spontaneous, lively and fusante freshness, balanced by the innocence and purity of a cedar associative sillag, muscs and orange blossom » alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, enriched with panthenol

Mademoiselle : goûter au Jardin du Luxembourg

"The sweetness of a summer afternoon in the garden Jardin du Luxembourg: the sailboats slipping on the basin, the horses boistournent to infinity, the balances are élancent towards the sky ... The tones of the jasmine mixes with the roundnessvanilléeand the bottom notes when the freshness of a sorbet cassisframboise comes on the day of the snack. "