Huile sèche à l'huile d'olive biologique

Dry oil for the face, body and hair with organic olive oil and with fig extract

Formulated and packaged at the ARTHES facilities in Grasse
Fragrances elaborated by the master perfumers of Grasse
Multiuse for body and hair
Nourishes, moisturizes, leaves no greasy film
Sublimate and leave a satiny veil on the skin


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Cleansing cream infused with the power of care of fine flowers.Fine flowers to nourish the dry skin and rebalance the mixed skin.Ultra creamy to melt the makeup particles, pamper and nourish the skin. Beyond clean and beautiful skin every day


The 1st enhancement glow mask, specially formulatedfor mature skinPeony polyphenols stimulate micro circulation to reactivate the natural glow of the skinThe features no longer have signs of fatigue.The skin is reactive with an amazing glow

FINE FLOWERS Llet Netejadora

Hydrated, the skin is clean and impurities free. At its first use, it calms down and there is an intense feeling of comfort. Day after day, it is softer, more flexible and more beautiful

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The legendary Asian Centella became the best anti-aging. Cicacrem is not a legend, it is a new way to fight against wrinkles.Antioxidant cream infected with Centella Asiatica, commonly known as Tiger Herb, used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its repair properties.Moisturizes the skin, reduces wrinkles, improves the elasticity of the...

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PURIFYING AND HYDRATANT MASKAlgue noire & Acide Hyaluronique & LHA. An efficient pump for the piles to visible pores.LE MASQUE TISSU CHARBON contient du charbon végétal, ingredient utilisé dans les plus vieux remédées de beauté traditionnels et connu pour ses propriétés absorbantes et purifiantes


Regenerate the skin cells and extend the vitality of the skin: new cells day after day.Black truffle + Fermented black tea. The powerful longevity of the black truffle is combined with the exceptional regenerative properties of fermented black tea. It stimulates the cellular renewal for a complete revitalization.The skin is brighter, smoother and full of...

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Garnier focuses his expertise on skincare and radiance.Because she is like us. She does everything at once ... and she does it well.One application and ... wow!My skin is hydrated, pampered and protected. My complexion is natural, luminous and unified.It offers perfect skin and makes life easier


AS PURE AS THE SKIN THAT IT PROTECTS Water cleansing antifrritations face, body For sensitive skin and very sorescreened rednessNetto, without irritating.Moisturizes and protects from dry skin. Ideal for removing make-up. Hypoallergenic and approved by pediatricians400 ml

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The Revitalift Laser range incorporates a new gesture to complete the facial care routine, the Revitalift Laser night cream. Now, get a triple anti-aging action on the skin also while you sleep.Its formula is enriched with:- Pro-Xylane to help reduce wrinkles.- Centella asiatica, plant extract known for its repairing properties

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Formulated with sweet almond oil, it nourishes the epidermis intensely and assures the skin a 24h hydration. Enriched with vitamin E, it soothes redness, calms tightness and strengthens the natural defenses of the skin.Aimed at all sensitive skin, it is perfect for your skin, ideal for children, naturally delicate, and for the skin of men who is attacked...

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L'Oréal laboratories have gathered in a daily texturized lotion all the potency of calcium, with fortifying properties, and of the pink beautifying microbeads for a complete efficiency in skins refined by age and that are losing their natural color