Age Miracle Day Cream

Advanced anti-aging technology, Retinol-C Complex, to continuously release powerful anti-aging retinoid actives that work 24 hours nonstop to help reduce wrinkles for a youthful glow.



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So Couture

Its flexible brush adapts naturally to the eyelashes providing extra volume. With an ultraprecise drainer, it does not leave clots Look Haute Couture, a million eyelashes. A millimeter line that does not leave lumps or cakes lashes.


LIQUID SOAPS OF MARSEILLE 300ml -All the fragrances of these products are elaborated in collaboration with a master perfumer of GrasseMarseille liquid soaps: based on 100% vegetable olive oil  -> Traditional preparation, made in Provence- Without parabens. It does not contain animal fat.

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Huile sèche à l'huile d'olive biologique

Dry oil for the face, body and hair with organic olive oil and with fig extractFormulated and packaged at the ARTHES facilities in GrasseFragrances elaborated by the master perfumers of GrasseMultiuse for body and hairNourishes, moisturizes, leaves no greasy filmSublimate and leave a satiny veil on the skin

Volcano mask

Garnier SkinActive presents the Volcano mask, a new generation face mask combining volcanic stone and clay in a self-heating texture, to reduce visible pores and pure, smooth skin in record time. Without paraben


1st cleaning wipes infused with thin flowers.Fine flowers to nourish the dry skin and rebalance the mixed skin.Remove makeup and impurities leaving the skin perfectly clean and intensely fresh

FINE FLOWERS Llet Netejadora

Hydrated, the skin is clean and impurities free. At its first use, it calms down and there is an intense feeling of comfort. Day after day, it is softer, more flexible and more beautiful

Revitalift Laser Eyes

1. Reduces wrinkles: Revitalift Laser Eyes contains fragmented hyaluronic acid to reduce wrinkles minutely.2. Deflate the bags: This care contains a metallic cold effect applicator that allows to distribute the product by means of a gentle massage to deflate the bags.3. Retangle the skin of the eyelids: This care is enriched with Pro-XylaneTM to tone,...

SOIN TRES HYDRATANT Anti-imperfections

Clinically proven anti-blemish efficacy: reduces pimples, pores and shine.Enriched with Zinc, a purifying active ingredient, this treatment reduces pimples daily, refines skin texture and tightens pores.Thanks to Silicate-S, mattifying agent, this treatment absorbs from morning to evening the excess of sebum at the origin of the shine.A daily day care...


Cleansing cream infused with the power of care of fine flowers.Fine flowers to nourish the dry skin and rebalance the mixed skin.Ultra creamy to melt the makeup particles, pamper and nourish the skin. Beyond clean and beautiful skin every day

Aigua micel·lar

Composed of 95% purified water after the advanced purification process associated with micelles for efficient and respectful cleaning with sensitive skin.Netaja, eliminate makeup.The skin breathes, it is fresh, soft and rebalanced.Morning and afternoon, put a few drops on a cotton.Apply on the face and neck without rubbing or rinsing.Repeat the operation...

essentiels 3A triple action

Essential Care Triple Action 3A Pond It's a cream beauty products for women created for mature skin that handles provide everything you need to stay young, firm and toned. In fact, it has a strong anti-tachec effect that is, reduce to the irreducible skin spots caused by the sun or other factors. But, in addition, Triple Action 3A Essential Care of the...

Revitalift Filler Eyes

Intense filling action volumizes the face, fills out contours, softer features.Over the years, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases, a natural component present in the skin. The effects of the loss of this acid are the appearance of wrinkles, hollow cheeks and loss of volume on the face. The new Revitalift Filler Mask [+ Hyaluronic Acid] is the first...


The 1st technology of L'Oréal, conceived to stimulate the production of the 8 natural liftars of the skin to restore its natural autolifting function. The Day Care wrinkle + firmness immediately leaves the skin more beautiful, toned and smoothed


The legendary Asian Centella became the best anti-aging. Cicacrem is not a legend, it is a new way to fight against wrinkles.Antioxidant cream infected with Centella Asiatica, commonly known as Tiger Herb, used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its repair properties.Moisturizes the skin, reduces wrinkles, improves the elasticity of the...

micellar water

The Micellar is a Solution All in 1, Dry and Sensitive Skin , removes make-up, soothes and protects from dryness in a single gesture and without rinsing face, eyes and lips.

BB Cream

Garnier focuses his expertise on skincare and radiance.Because she is like us. She does everything at once ... and she does it well.One application and ... wow!My skin is hydrated, pampered and protected. My complexion is natural, luminous and unified.It offers perfect skin and makes life easier

Aloe gel refreshing moisturizer

Garnier SkinActive presents a new generation of moisturizer formulated with 96% natural ingredients. It is enriched with Aloe Vera Gel, known to be a real reservoir of hydration. This refreshing moisturizer is specially formulated for normal to combination skin. It moisturizes the skin and leaves it perfectly soft and refreshed. Enriched with antioxidant...