Megavolumen look manga

Kawaii, a word of Japanese origin, means "pretty" "brave" "so beautiful". More than a simple Kawaii adjective is a true cultural current with an influence that is no longer limited to Asian countries!

L'Oréal has launched in Europe the first product of this trend. Mask Volume Mega Manga, to become a true Kawaii doll!


A look XXL Manga that resists everything. A conical toothbrush with maximum precision to increase the volume in the upper and lower eyelashes.
Result: black tabs Mega MANGA XXL for a look worthy of a Japanese manga doll.
1. For the upper eyelashes, the brush that extends and amplifies each of the eyelashes, from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.
2. For the lower tabs, the brush edge edge allows a precise application to be revealed and extracted.

Product Details

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