To no longer worry about white marks on black clothes, an invisible ball deodorant effective 24H


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SOIN LEVRES Antidessèchement

The Anti Dry Intensive Dry Skin Lotion has been specially designed to relieve, nourish and protect dry or cracked lips.Concentrate allantoin, shea butter, vitamin E and UV filter, the lips are immediately soothed, repaired and protected

LA CREME VISAGE des Peaux Sensibles

Formulated with sweet almond oil, it nourishes the epidermis intensely and assures the skin a 24h hydration. Enriched with vitamin E, it soothes redness, calms tightness and strengthens the natural defenses of the skin.Aimed at all sensitive skin, it is perfect for your skin, ideal for children, naturally delicate, and for the skin of men who is attacked...

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Anti perspirant 72h.Resists the test: anti-odor and anti-humidity tests.Regulation of perspiration peaks.Dematological test: anti-irritations.Fresh perfume.Regulates your flow of sweat to avoid the inconveniences related to perspiration: smells, sensations of humidity, and halos, acts on the peaks of perspiration without blocking this natural mechanism

Deodorant Ultra Dry

Heat, stress, sport, ... Mineral ULTRA DRY is specially designed to ensure 48h * of optimal protection, even in the most extreme conditions!Its pleasant fresh and tonic fragrance as well as its very effective formula gives you a feeling of freshness in all situations!


The mythical deodorant of the brand, known for its refined Cologne perfume that ensures a long-lasting freshness, without aluminum salts