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REPAIR HAND CREAMS - 75 mlThe aroma of this product is developed in collaboration with a master perfumer of GrasseProduct for hand careNonfatHydrates, nourishes and repairsWithout parabens. They do not contain animal fat.


Take care of your nails when removing make-up• Its formula contains sweet almond extract and moisturizing active agents, with which the solvent removes the nails with great smoothness.• It is effective and ultra-fast. Eliminates nail polish perfectly and in record time

CREME MAINS Réparatrice Mains Abîmées

The hand repair cream, combines 2 key assets for an intensive repair effect.-Allantoin, known for its repairing power, is particularly indicated for the care of damaged hands, sometimes accompanied by micro-chapping.-Glycerin protects your hands by wrapping them in an invisible film.It restores softness and suppleness to the damaged hands

CREME MAINS Protectrice Antidessèchement

The patented Anti-Dry Protect Hand Cream combines coriander oil with glycerin to protect and nourish dry, dry hands.Day after day, Anti-Dry Protect Hand Cream preserves the beauty of your hands.Concentrated in coriander oil and glycerine, it protects and nourishes dry to very dry hands