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AS PURE AS THE SKIN THAT IT PROTECTS Cleansing gel anti-irritations face, body, hair For sensitive and very sorescreened rednessWithout sulphate nisavon. Does not irritate the eyes. Do not irritate the skin. Hypoallergenic and approved by pediatricians.400 ml


ALSO PURE THAN THE SKIN THAT IT PROTECTS OILEMULTI-CAREFOLD, BODY, HAIR For the most sensitive and very dry same subjects rednessSoothes, softens, repairs Helps with stretch marks and stretch marks Hypoallergenic and approved by pediatricians100 ml

Crème de massage jambes

For the athlete, recovery is the key to succeeding in good conditions. It is to accompany the athletes that this massage cream was born. The Frescoryl Sport massage cream is individually condicioned for a better conservation of the product and to facilitate its use (nomadic). It allows a massage of the muscles anywhere and anytime, even far from home....

LAIT CORPS - 250 ml

BODY MILKS - 250 mlAll the fragrances of these products are elaborated in collaboration with a master perfumer of GrasseFast penetrationEveryday useHydrate - without fatPractical and hygienic (dispensing bottle)Pleasant smell (Shea Butter / Honey)Fresh and stimulating aroma (Verbena)Without parabens. They do not contain animal fat.

ATOPIANCE Baume Apaisant Bébé

Enriched with Omega-8 complex, this nourishing and soothing balm reinforces the cutaneous barrier and helps the atopic skin to find a balanced functioning.Immediately, the skin is intensely nourished and relieved of the feelings of itching.Durably, the skin is protected from persistent drought and discomfort.

LAIT CORPS Antidessèchement

Every day, the cold, the friction of the clothes assault my dry skin.The patented Anti-Dry Body Milk formula combines:- vegetable oil to bring calm, comfort and softness to the skin,- Coriander oil with nourishing effect,- Glycerine to maintain optimal hydration and protect the skin from dry skin.Effectiveness anti-drying proved under dermatological control

ATOPIANCE Baume Apaisant

NTENSIFYING SKIN WITH ATOPIC TRENDSIts formula with the nourishing and soothing complex Omega-8, rich of 8 complementary fatty acids, reinforces the cutaneous barrier to appease durably the skins with atopic tendency