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CADUM Gel Douche Sans Savon

Soap enriched with organic sweet almond oil.Its soap-free formula, specially developed for sensitive and delicate skin, cleans your skin gently and leaves it clean and clean. Your skin is soft, supple and beautiful like that of a baby.And still the guaranteed Cadum composition: paraben and soap free

Crème Douche Surgras

A selection of naturally nourishing ingredients in a Surgras shower formula ideal for protecting dry skin.Its generous cream, with organic sweet almond oil and flower honey, gently cleanses your skin and wraps it with a non-greasy protective veil. It deliciously perfumes the skin and leaves it hydrated, soft and supple, like the skin of a baby

Gel Lavant Intime Apaisant

Designed to take care of sensitive mucous membranes, it is enriched withvery soft natural ingredients: organic sweet almond oil and aloe vera, for a feeling of freshness and soothing!And for maximum softness, it is hypoallergenic and tested under gynecological control.And still the guaranteed Cadum composition: no paraben, no soap and no coloring!

Lingettes Pocket Natural Caresse

Like a caress, the wipe with organic sweet almond oil, known for its softening virtues, gently cleanses and respects the delicate skin of infants.Baby Cadum selects skin-friendly ingredients for babies. All Cadum baby formulas are hypoallergenic. Guaranteed composition without paraben, alcohol, phenoxyethanol.Format 20 pocket wipes