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Apricot oil

Care for the contour of the nail.Apply in the contour of the nail and massage. It will be more hydrated, nourished, beautiful and soft. Also, trim the cuticles so that they are easier to remove.


Drops of fast drying.Use some drops of Quick-i and you will be ready in 60 seconds. Apply after color and top coat, seal your manicure in a moment and increase its brightness.

Leave no trace

Remove-enamel gel-scrub against themglitterEasy to apply and without defects to eliminate any enamels, even purpurins and textures.

Fill the gap

Correct the irregular surface.Fill stretch marks, smooth imperfections and moisturize your nails with Nutri-Keratin and bamboo extract. It can also be used as a base

Brilliant service

Whiten your nailsBleaching treatment with professional results: it reduces discoloration and stains. For optimum results, apply once a day for two or three weeks

All in one

Solution all in one.Base and finished in the same product. As a base: moisturizes and softens the nails, as a finish: it provides intense light.