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SOIN LEVRES Antidessèchement

The Anti Dry Intensive Dry Skin Lotion has been specially designed to relieve, nourish and protect dry or cracked lips.Concentrate allantoin, shea butter, vitamin E and UV filter, the lips are immediately soothed, repaired and protected

SOIN LEVRES Réparateur

The Repairing Lip Care has been specially designed to soothe, nourish and repair damaged or damaged lips.Concentrated allantoin, vegetable oils and vitamin E, the lips are immediately soothed, repaired and protected

Infaillible Lip Paint Mat

Believe in the PAINT trendRed lips with a liquid mat.• Color and precision: Its ultra-comfortable formulation for colors with exceptional coverage. Its applicator-control lets you accurately draw your lips.• Finish Mate: Intense color adorned with a matte finish for fashionable lips10 colors

Color Riche

Omega 3 and Vitamin E that prevents the drying of the lips and rebuilds its barrier function. Your lips appear deeply hydrated, smoothed, soft and permanently protected Disponible 16 colors

Color Riche Shine

A lipstick that combines a dazzling brightness with a vibrant color. You will not have to choose between color and brightness!Available 11 colors

Infalible LIP

24H Infallible Color of L'Oréal is presented in very intense colors, highly pigmented, which do not fade and leave no trace when drinking, eating or kissing.The lipstick Color Infallible 24H is applied in two phases